Quote/s of the Day – Saturday 14 October

Quote/s of the Day – Saturday 14 October

“Mary’s grace has given:
glory to heaven:
a God to earth:
and faith to the nations.
She has conferred:
death on vices;
order to life;
and a rule on morals.”

St Peter Chrysologus (406-450)mary's grace has given - st peter chrysologus - sat 14 oct 2017

“Love for Christ
pierced Mary’s heart
in such a way that no part of it
was left unkindled.
Mary thus fulfilled
the first commandment of love
in all its fulness
and without the slightest imperfection.”

St Bernard (1090-1153)love for christ pierced mary's heart - st bernard - sat 14 oct 2017

“She is flower of the field
from whom bloomed the
precious lily of the valley.”

St Augustine (354-430)she is the flower of the field - st augustine


Our Morning Offering – 14 October – Saturday Devotion to our Mother

Our Morning Offering – 14 October – Saturday Devotion to our Mother

Mary, let me love your Jesus
By St Ildephonsus (607-667)

Virgin Mary, hear my prayer:
through the Holy Spirit
you became the Mother of Jesus;
from the Holy Spirit may I too have Jesus.
Through the Holy Spirit
your flesh conceived Jesus;
through the same Spirit
may my soul receive Jesus.
Through the Holy Spirit
you were able to know Jesus,
to possess Jesus,
and to bring Him into the world.
Through the Holy Spirit
may I too come to know your Jesus.
Imbued with the Spirit,
Mary, you could say:
“I am the handmaid of the Lord,
be it done unto me according to your word”;
in the Holy Spirit,
lowly as I am,
let me proclaim the great truths about Jesus.
In the Spirit you now adore Jesus as Lord
and look on Him as Son;
in the same spirit,
Mary, let me love your Jesus.


Thought for the Day – 13 October – “The Miracle of the Sun”

Thought for the Day – 13 October – “The Miracle of the Sun”

Those who are very familiar with the apparitions of Fatima and those whose only knowledge is a fleeting memory from a long ago viewing of the 1952 movie are both familiar with the “Miracle of the Sun.”   This miracle took place on 13 October 1917, five months after Our Lady first appeared to the three young visionaries.   Our Lady had promised the children that a miracle would occur and approximately 40,000 of the devout and/or curious stood in a field outside of Fatima to await it.   The sun changed colours, whirled about and at times appeared to be zooming toward the earth.   A few people in the crowd claimed to have seen nothing but most were awestruck by the supernatural event that took place.

Rather than dwell on the possibility of secrets not thoroughly revealed or consecrations not properly done and other hot items of Catholic ‘gossip’, this 13 October is a good day to dwell on the coincidences that lead us to repentance and conversion.   The coincidences which point directly to that nucleus of the Gospel message.   And do remember the words of Paul’s letter to the Romans:  “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

The message of Fatima is simple:   Pray.    Unfortunately, some people—not Sister Lucia—have distorted these revelations, making them into an apocalyptic event for which they are now the only reliable interpreters.  They have, for example, claimed that Mary’s request that the world be consecrated to her has been ignored.   Sister Lucia agreed that Pope John Paul II’s public consecration in St Peter’s Square on March 25, 1984, fulfilled Mary’s request.   The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith prepared a 26 June 2000, document explaining the “third secret.”

Mary is perfectly honoured when people generously imitate her response “Let it be done to me as you say” (Luke 1:38).   Mary can never be seen as a rival to Jesus or to the Church’s teaching authority, as exercised by the college of bishops united with the bishop of Rome.

Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!our lady of fatima - ora pro nobis - 13 oct 2017


Feast of Our Lady Aparecida, Our Lady of the Pillar and Memorials of the Saints – 12 October

Our Lady Aparecida:   Also known as – Our Lady Who Appeared
In October 1717, Dom Pedro de Almedida, Count of Assumar passed through the area of Guarantinqueta, a small city in the Paraiba river valley.   The people there decided to hold a feast in his honour and though it was not fishing season, the men went to the waters to fish for the feast.   Three of the fishermen, Domingos Garcia, Joco Alves and Felipe Pedroso, prayed to the Immaculate Conception and asked God’s help.   However, after several hours they were ready to give up. Joco cast his net once more near the Port of Itaguagu but instead of fish, he hauled in the body of a statue.   The three cast their net again, and brought up the statue’s head.  After cleaning the statue they found that it was Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.   Naming their find Our Lady Aparecida, they wrapped it in cloth and continued to fish; now their nets were full.
While we do not know why the statue was at the bottom of the river, we do know who made it. Frei Agostino de Jesus, a carioca monk from Sao Paulo known for his sculpture. The image was less than three feet tall, was made around 1650 and must have been underwater for years. It is a dark brown colour, is covered by a stiff robe of richly embroidered thick cloth and wears an imperial crown which was added in 1904. Only her face and hands can be seen.   Pope Pius XII proclaimed her principal patroness of Brazil in 1930.   The statue was vandalised by being broken into several pieces just prior to a visit by St Pope John Paul II but a group of dedicated artists and artisans carefully pieced it together again.
Patronages: • Aparecida, Brazil, diocese of • Brazil • World Youth Day 2013Our Lady Aparecida imageOUR LADY OF APARECIDA

Our Lady of the Pillar:  Tradition says that in the early day of the Church, Saint James the Greater was spreading the Gospel in Spain but making very little progress.   He was dejected and questioning his mission.   About 44, the Virgin Mary, who was still living in Jerusalem at the time, bi-located and appeared to him in a vision to boost his morale. In it, she was atop a column or pillar, which was being carried by angels.   That pillar is believed to be the same one venerated in Zaragoza, Spain today. Miraculous healings reported at the scene.
PatronageS: • Imus, Philippines, diocese of • Tagbilaran, Philippines • Zamboanga, Philippines, archdiocese of • Zamboanga City, Philippines • Zaragoza, Spain.

St Amelius of Mortara
St Amicus of Mortara
St Cyprian
St Domnina of Anazarbus
St Edisto
St Edistius of Ravenna
St Edwin of Northumbria
St Evagrius the Martyr
St Felix
St Felix IV, Pope
St Fiace
St Herlindis
St Juan Osiense
St Maximilian of Celeia
St Meinards
St Monas of Milan
St Pantalus of Basle
St Priscian the Martyr
St Relindis
Bl Roman Sitko
St Salvinus of Verona
Bl Thomas Bullaker

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Bartolomé Caparrós García
• Blessed Eufrasio of the Child Jesus
• Blessed José González Huguet
• Blessed Pedro Salcedo Puchades
• Blessed Rafael Lluch Garín

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Quote/s of the Day – 10 October – The Memorial of St Francis Borgia SJ (1510-1572) and St Daniel Comboni (1831-1881)

Quote/s of the Day – 10 October – The Memorial of St Francis Borgia SJ (1510-1572) and
St Daniel Comboni (1831-1881)

“I am very sorry to lose the company of a man of your merit,
a shining light of counsel, a model in the exercise of the highest offices of State and,
because of your virtue and piety, a factor of edification for all my court.
But I recognise that it would be unreasonable to dispute over you with the Master you have chosen to serve.
It is, therefore, with sorrow that I grant you the permission you are requesting.
I authorise you to renounce your fiefs and titles in favour of your firstborn son.
The number of those who will envy you, will be greater than those who will imitate you, since it is easy to admire beautiful examples but difficult to follow them.
I recommend myself to your prayers and I count upon you,
to attract divine blessings over me, my States, and all Christendom.”

(King Charles V of Spain when he granted permission to St Francis to enter the novitiate of the Jesuits.)

“When you pray, hear Mass, sit at table, engage in business
and when at bedtime you remove your clothes—
at all times crave that by the pain which He felt when He was stripped
just before His crucifixion, He may strip us of our evil habits of mind.
Thus, naked of earthly things, we may also embrace the cross.”when you pray - st francis borgia - 10 oct 2017

“I have great doubts about the salvation of those
who do not have special devotion to Mary.”

St Francis Borgia (1510-1572)i have great doubts - st francis borgia - 19 oct 2917

“The same terrible crosses that oppress me
are also the greatest consolation
because Jesus suffered,
Jesus is a Victim
Jesus chose the Cross….
(therefore) I am happy with the Cross,
tbat borne willingly for the love of God,
generates triumph and eternal life.”

St Daniel Comboni (1831-1881)the same terrible crosses - st daniel comboni - 10 oct 2017


9 October – Our Lady of Good Help and Memorials of the Saints

St Denis of Paris (Optional Memorial)
St John Leonardi (Optional Memorial) –

Our Lady of Good Help:  “I am the Queen of Heaven who prays for the conversion of sinners.”   Such is the way the Mother of God introduced herself to a twenty-eight-year-old Belgian immigrant, Adele Brise, on October 9, 1859.   The pious young woman was on her eleven mile walk home to Robinsonville (now Champion), Wisconsin, after attending Mass in Bay Settlement.   Adele was traveling at the time with two companions, her sister and another woman, as well as a male guardian who was working for the Holy Cross Fathers at the Settlement.   Our Lady had appeared earlier to Adele the day before and, again, that same morning at the same spot, but she had not spoken.   Her companions did not see or hear anything.   The young woman was told by Heaven’s Queen that she must pray for the conversion of sinners, and warn them, for if they do not convert, her Son was going to punish them.   She was told to gather together the children in this remote area and teach them the truths they must know for their salvation; teach them the catechism;  teach them how to bless themselves with the Sign of the Cross; and teach them how to approach the sacraments. Our Lady ended by telling Adele, whose faith was strong but simple, to fear nothing and be confident in her help.  For the next thirty-seven years of her life, until her death in 1896, Sister Adele Brise was faithful to this mission. – Sr Adele’s life and mission here:

Our Lady of Good Help 1859

Bl Aaron of Cracow
St Abraham the Patriarch
St Alfanus of Salerno
St Andronicus of Antioch
St Athanasia of Antioch
Bl Bernard of Rodez
St Demetrius of Alexandria
St Deusdedit of Montecassino
St Domninus
St Dorotheus of Alexandria
St Donnino of Città di Castello
St Eleutherius
St Geminus
St Gislenus
St Goswin
Bl Gunther
Bl John Henry Newman
St Lambert
St Louis Bertrand
St Publia
St Rusticus
St Sabinus of the Lavedan
St Valerius

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War – Martyrs of Astoria – (9 saints): Also known as Martyrs of Turon: A group of Brothers of the Christian Schools and a Passionist priest martyred in the persecutions during the Spanish Civil War. They are –
• Aniceto Adolfo
• Augusto Andrés
• Benito de Jesús
• Benjamín Julián
• Cirilo Bertrán
• Inocencio de la Immaculada
• Julián Alfredo
• Marciano José
• Victoriano Pío
They were martyred on 9 October 1934 in Turón, Spain and Canonised on 21 November 1999 by St Pope John Paul II.

Martyrs of Laodicea – (3 saints): Three Christians martyred together in Laodicea, but no other information about them has survived but their names – Didymus, Diodorus and Diomedes. They were martyred in Laodicea, Syria.



Thought for the day – 7 October – The Memorial of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Thought for the day – 7 October – The Memorial of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

The purpose of the rosary is to help us meditate on the great mysteries of our salvation. Pius XII called it a compendium of the gospel.  The main focus is on Jesus—his birth, life, death and resurrection.  The Our Fathers remind us that Jesus’ Father is the initiator of salvation.  The Hail Marys remind us to join with Mary in contemplating these mysteries. They also make us aware that Mary was and is intimately joined with her Son in all the mysteries of his earthly and heavenly existence. T he Glory Bes remind us that the purpose of all life is the glory of the Trinity.

The rosary appeals to many.  It is simple. The constant repetition of words helps create an atmosphere in which to contemplate the mysteries of God.  We sense that Jesus and Mary are with us in the joys and sorrows of life. We grow in hope that God will bring us to share in the glory of Jesus and Mary forever..(Fr Don Miller OFM)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!our lady of the rosary pray for us 2017-2