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Thought for the Day – 26 May

Thought for the Day – 26 May

St Philip Neri was one of those rare religious geniuses who leave the familiar paths and create something entirely new.   He is the kind of saint that you simply cannot put into a category, for what he did was completely unique and totally unprecedented.   His personality and “heart brimming with love” were most attractive to all – his friends were saints and highly creative men but the people of the streets loved him just as much as he loved them, from beggars to cardinals, he was a friend.

He too is the patron saint of joy countered with great humility and with this in mind, he could become a powerful intercessor for people who have periods of depression.   We pray to St Valentine and St Raphael – so that these saints may find us romantic partners who will love us. But we might do well to pray to St Philip Neri that he inspires us with the ability to cherish others and to be filled with the joy of love…  Perhaps most acutely for our selfie age, he could become an intercessor for people who agonise over how they look, who spend all their free time finding flattering selfies to post on Facebook and find that narcissism is beginning to rule their lives and indeed, is this not exactly true of the age of relativism, when it is only “I’ that count?

St Philip Neri pray for us!


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Quotes of the Day -26 May

Quotes of the Day -26 May

“Never try to evade the cross that God sends you, for you will only find a heavier one.
………..The cross is the gift God gives to his friends.”

never try to evade the cross-st philip neri

“Cast yourself into the arms of God
and be very sure that if He wants anything of you,
He will fit you for the work and give you strength.”

cast yourself into the arms of god - st philip neri

“The best way to prepare for death is to spend every day of life as though it were the last.”

the best way to prepare for death- st philip neri

“At communion we ought to ask
for the remedy of the vice to which
we feel ourselves most inclined.”

St Philip Neri

at communion we ought - st philip neri

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One Minute Reflection – 26 May

One Minute Reflection – 26 May

It is your special privilege to take Christ’s part – not only to believe in him but also to suffer for him……..Phil 1:29

phil 1-29

REFLECTION – “The greatness of God must be tested by the desire we have to suffer for His sake …..
Bear the cross and do not make the cross bear you!”……………………..St Philip Neri

do not make the cross bear you! - st philip neri

PRAYER – Lord Jesus Christ, let me be closely united with You in all things. Grant that I may carry my cross willingly and seek to carry Yours!   Because of You and in union with You.   St Philip Neri, pray for us all, amen.


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Our Morning Offering – 26 May

Our Morning Offering – 26 May

Mary, I Love You
by St Philip Neri

Mary, I love you.
Mary, make me live in God,
with God and for God.
Draw me after you, holy mother.
O Mary, may your children persevere in loving you.
Mary, Mother of God and mother of mercy,
pray for me and for the departed.
Mary, holy Mother of God,
be our helper.
In every difficulty and distress,
come to our aid, O Mary.
O Queen of Heaven,
lead us to eternal life with God.
Mother of God,
remember me,
and help me always to remember you.
O Mary, conceived without sin,
pray for us who have recourse to you.
Pray for us,
O holy Mother of God,
that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray to Jesus for me.

mary i love you - st philip neri

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Thought for the Day – 25 May

Thought for the Day – 25 May

This St Bede, this is a life of total self-giving in love!
It sounds to our ears to be a boring, closed, narrow existence –
ever occupied with learning, writing and teaching.
Almost from the time of his entry to study in the monastery as a young child,
until he died, he managed to remain in his own monastery,
although eagerly sought by kings and other notables, even Pope Sergius
Only once did he leave for a few months in order to teach in the school
of the Archbishop of York.
And amazingly, here was a saint who worked no miracles,
saw no visions and found no new way to God BUT
he is one of the few saints honoured as such even during his lifetime.
His writings were filled with such faith and learning
that even while he was still alive, a Church council
ordered them to be read publicly in the churches.
And he said of his life,
“I have spent the whole of my life . . . devoting all of my pains to the study of the Scriptures and amid the observances of monastic discipline and the daily task of singing in church, it has ever been my delight to learn or teach or write.”
St Bede died in 735 praying his favourite prayer:
“Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit. As in the beginning, so now, and forever.”
We remember and honour him as a Doctor of the Church,
so many centuries have gone by, the world in which we live is such a different place and still he teaches us from his eternal monastery in heaven!

St Bede the Venerable, please pray for us!

st bede pray for us 2

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Quote/s of the Day – 25 May

Quote/s of the Day – 25 May

“He alone loves the Creator perfectly
who manifests a pure love for his neighbour.”

he alone loves the creator-st bede

“Unfurl the sails and let God steer us where He will.”

unfurl the sails-st bede

“Christ is the Morning Star,
who, when the night of this world is past,
gives to his saints the promise of the light of life,
and opens everlasting day.”

christ is the morning star-st bede

St Bede the Venerable
(673-735) Doctor of the Church

“Come, Holy Spirit. Spirit of truth,
You are the reward of the saints,
the comforter of souls,
light in the darkness,
riches to the poor,
treasure to lovers,
food for the hungry,
comfort to those who are wandering.
To sum up:
You are the one in whom all treasures are contained.”

come holy spirit-st mary magdalene de pazzi

St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi – Memorial today 25 May

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One Minute Reflection – 25 May

One Minute Reflection – 25 May

Jesus said to them, “You are badly misled because you fail to understand the Scriptures…….”….Matthew 22:29

REFLECTION – “The whole series of the Divine Scriptures is interpreted in a fourfold way.
We should ascertain what everlasting truths are intimated therein,
what deeds are narrated,
what future events are foretold
and what commands or counsels are … therein.”,,,,,,,St Bede the Venerable (673-735) Doctor of the Church

matthew 22-29-st bede the venerable -the whole series of the

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, teach me how to read Your wonderful words in the Scriptures with true understanding.
Let me adhere always to the interpretations given by Your Holy Church. Come O Holy Spirit and guide my mind. Lord Jesus Christ,
stand beside me and bless my footsteps. Holy St Bede, intercede for us and pray for us all, amen.

st bede the venerable pray for us