Our Morning Offering – 23 February – O Sweet Mother of God

Our Morning Offering – 23 February – Saturday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time, Year C – Marian Saturdays

O Sweet Mother of God
By St Faustina Kowalska (1905–1938)

O sweet Mother of God,
I model my life on You.
You are for me the bright dawn.
In You I lose myself, enraptured.
O Mother, Immaculate Virgin,
In You, the divine ray is reflected,
Midst storms, ‘tis You
who teach me to love the Lord,
O my shield and defense from the foe.

(Diary 1232)o sweet mother of god - st faustina 23 feb 2019.jpg


Thought for the Day – 22 February – St Pope Leo the Great “The Chair of Peter”

Thought for the Day – 22 February – The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter

Pope Saint Leo the Great (400-461)
Bishop of Rome and Great Latin Father & Doctor of the Church

An excerpt from Sermo 4

Out of the whole world one man, Peter, is chosen to preside at the calling of all nations and to be set over all the apostles and all the fathers of the Church.   Though, there are, in God’s people many shepherds, Peter is thus appointed, to rule in his own person, those whom Christ also rules as the original ruler.   Beloved, how great and wonderful is this sharing of His power that God in His goodness has given to this man.   Whatever Christ has willed to be shared in common, by Peter and the other leaders of the Church, it is only through Peter, that He has given to others, what He has not refused to bestow on them.

The Lord now asks the apostles as a whole, what men think of him.   As long as they are recounting the uncertainty born of human ignorance, their reply is always the same.

But when He presses the disciples to say what they think themselves, the first to confess his faith in the Lord, is the one who is first in rank, among the apostles.

Peter says:  You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.   Jesus replies:  Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona, for flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but my Father who is in heaven.   You are blessed, he means, because my Father has taught you.   You have not been deceived by earthly opinion but have been enlightened by inspiration from heaven. It was not flesh and blood that pointed Me out to you but the one whose only-begotten Son I am.

He continues:  And I say to you.   In other words, as my Father has revealed to you my godhead, so I in my turn make known to you, your pre-eminence.   You are Peter:  though I am the inviolable rock, the cornerstone that makes both one, the foundation apart from which no one can lay any other, yet you also are a rock, for you are given solidity by my strength, so that which is my very own because of my power is common between us through your participation.

And upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.   On this strong foundation, He says, I will build an everlasting temple.   The great height of my Church, which is to penetrate the heavens, shall rise on the firm foundation of this faith.

The gates of hell shall not silence this confession of faith;  the chains of death shall not bind it.   Its words are the words of life.   As they lift up to heaven those who profess them, so they send down to hell those who contradict them.

Blessed Peter is therefore told – To you I will give the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth is also bound in heaven.   Whatever you lose on earth shall be loosed also in heaven.

The authority vested in this power passed also to the other apostles and the institution, established by this decree, has been continued in all the leaders of the Church.   But, it is not without good reason, that what is bestowed on all, is entrusted to one.   For Peter, received it separately, in trust, because he is the prototype, set before all the rulers of the Church.

Saint Pope Peter
Apostle and Martyr
Pray for us!st pope peter apostle and martyr pray for us 22feb2019.jpg

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One Minute Reflection – 22 February – The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter

One Minute Reflection – 22 February – The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter

“And I tell you, you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it..”…Matthew 16:18matthew 16 18 and i tell you you are peter and on this rock 22 feb 2019.jpg

REFLECTION – “You are Peter and on this rock I shall build my Church.”   He was given this name of ‘Peter’ because he was the first to set the foundations of the faith among the nations and because he is, the indestructible rock on which rests, the judgement seat and the whole edifice, belonging to Christ Jesus.   It was on account of his faithfulness that he was called Peter, whereas our Lord receives the same name on account of His power according to Saint Paul’s words:  “They drank from a spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was the Christ” (1Cor 10:4).   Yes, the apostle chosen to be His co-worker, merited to share, the same name as Christ.   They built the same building together – Peter does the planting, the Lord gives the increase and it is the Lord, too, who sends those, who will do the watering (cf. 1 Cor 3:6f.).
As you know, my beloved, it was following on from his own failure, when our Saviour suffered, that blessed Peter was raised up.   It was after he had denied the Lord that he became the first next to him.   Rendered more faithful when he wept over the faith he had betrayed, he received a still greater grace than the one he had lost.   To him Christ confided His flock, so that he might guide it like a good shepherd and he who had been so weak, would now become the support of all.   He who had fallen when questioned about his faith, must now establish the others, on the unshakeable foundations of faith. Hence he is called the foundation stone of the piety of the Churches.”…St Augustine (354-430) Father & Doctor of the Churchyes, the apostle chosen to be his co-worker - st augustine - 22 feb 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Holy Father, send Your Divine Enlightener into the hearts of all Your faithful, filling us with the strength to fulfil our mission as the followers of the Chair of St Peter. And most of all, we pray Lord Holy God to inspire and light the way of our Holy Father, Francis. Sustain and guide him, keep him in health and strength, to lead Your people by the Light of the Way and the Truth. Holy Father, have mercy on us, Holy Spirit guide and lead us, Lord Jesus Christ be our intercessor and teacher, peter pray for us 22 feb 2019.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 22 February – May the mystery of Your Passion, enlighten our life

Our Morning Offering – 22 February – The Memorial of St Margaret of Cortona TOSF (1247–1297)

O St Margaret of Cortona
By St John Paul (1920-2005)

O Saint Margaret of Cortona,
I too come today as a pilgrim and I pause to pray with you
at the feet of the image of Christ Crucified and Risen,
whom, as a penitent, you contemplated at length.
Lord Jesus, crucified for us,
in offering yourself on Calvary for all humanity,
You have revealed to us, the wellsprings of everlasting life.
May the mystery of Your Passion, enlighten our life,
making us ready to follow You on the way of holiness and love.
Rekindle our faith, teach us to recognise and welcome
in our everyday life, the plans of Your mysterious Providence.
Give us the courage to confess our sins
and open our hearts to sorrow,
in order to receive the gift of Your mercy.
Empower us to forgive our brethren
following the example of Your love that knows no bounds.
Help us to be humbly disposed to repair the harm we have done
by actively and generously serving the poor, the sick
and all who are marginalised and without hope.
Give everyone the joy of persevering faithfully,
in full harmony with the Church,
along the way of the particular calling.
Above all others, show the young,
the splendid plan of love that You intend to bring about for them
and with them, in the new millennium.
Enable us to be peacemakers,
tenacious weavers of daily relationships of fraternal solidarity,
artisans of reconciliation,
witnesses and apostles of the civilisation of love.
O glorious Saint Margaret of Cortona,
present this request to your Crucified Lord and ours.
Guide us with the strength of your example,
support us with your constant protection,
be our companion, we beg you,
till we reach our Father’s house.

Pope John Paul II, 1999o st margaret of cortona by st john paul - 22 feb 2019.jpg

St Margaret of Cortona, Pray for Us!st margaret of cortona pray for us 22 feb 2019.jpg

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One Minute Reflection – 21 February – “You are the Christ.”

One Minute Reflection – 21 February – Thursday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Mark 8:27-33 and the Memorial of St Peter Damian OSB (1007-1072) Doctor of the Church

“Who do men say that I am?”… “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered him, “You are the Christ.” ...Mark 8:27,29

REFLECTION – “With these two questions, Jesus seems to say that it is one thing to follow the prevailing opinion and another, to encounter Him and open oneself to His mystery, there one discovers the truth.   Prevailing opinion contains a true but partial response, Peter and with him, the Church of the past, present and always, by the grace of God, responds with the truth:  “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”.
Jesus is the Son of God – hence He is perennially alive as His Father is eternally alive.  This is the novelty, that grace ignites, in the heart of those who are open to the mystery of Jesus, the non-mathematical — but even stronger, inner — certainty, of having encountered the Wellspring of Life, Life itself made flesh, visible and tangible in our midst.   This, is the experience of Christians and it is not their merit, not that of we Christians, it is not our merit but comes from God, it is a grace of God, the Father and Son and Holy Spirit.   All this is contained in the seed of Peter’s response: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”.Pope Francis – Angelus, 29 June 2018mark 8 29 but who do you say - this is the novelty -pope francis 21 feb 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Lord of heaven and earth, by Your grace You have brought our hearts and mind to seek and hope in Your saving love, in Your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.   May we, who like Peter, our father in faith, declare, ‘You are the Christ!’, remain ever in His steps, carrying the cross behind Him.   We thank You for the blessing of St Peter Damian, grant that, through his intercession, we may, like him, constantly follow the Light of Christ and so rise to eternal life.   We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus, in unity with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, amenST PETER DAMIAN PRAY FOR US.jpg

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Our Morning Offering – 21 February – Lord, Whatever You Will

Our Morning Offering-21 February-Thursday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time, Year C

Lord, Whatever You Will
By Blessed Rupert Mayer SJ (1876-1945)
The Apostle of Munich

Lord, let happen whatever You will;
and as You will, so will I walk,
help me only to know Your will!
Lord, whenever You will,
then is the time,
today and always

Lord, whatever You will,
I wish to accept,
and whatever You will for me is gain,
enough that I belong to You.
Lord, because You will it, it is right,
and because You will it, I have courage.
My heart rests safely in Your hands!
Amenlord, whatever you will by bl rupert mayer sj- 5 nov 2018 his mem 3 nov.jpg

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One Minute Reflection – 20 February – “Let us open ourselves, to the light of the Lord”

One Minute Reflection – 20 February – Wednesday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time, Year C – Gospel: Mark 8:22-26 and The First Memorial of Saints Francisco (1908-1919) and Jacinta (1910-1920) and Blessed Julia Rodzinska OP (1899-1945) Martyr

And he took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village….Then again he laid his hands upon his eyes;  and he looked intently and was restored and saw everything clearly.   And he sent him away to his home, saying, “Do not even enter the village.”...Mark 8:22,25-26then again he laid his hands upon his eyes - mark 8 25-26 20 feb 2019.jpg

REFLECTION – “They came, then, to Bethsaida, into the village of Andrew and Peter, James and John.   Bethsaida means “house of fishers” and, in truth, from this house, hunters and fishermen are sent into the whole world.   Ponder the text.   The historical facts are clear, the literal sense is obvious.   But we must now search into its spiritual message.   That He came to Bethsaida, that there was a blind man there, that He departed, what is there remarkable about all that?   Nothing, but what He did there is great;  striking, however, only if it should take place today, for we have ceased to wonder about such things.

How, then, is his house not in Bethsaida?   Note the text exactly.   If we consider the literal interpretation only, it does not make any sense.   If this blind man is found in Bethsaida and is taken out and cured and he is commanded:  “Return to your own house,” certainly, he is bid:   “Return to Bethsaida.”   If, however, he returns there, what is the meaning of the command:  “Do not go into the village?”   You see, therefore, that the interpretation is symbolic.   He is led out from the house of the Jews, from the village, from the law, from the traditions of the Jews.   He, who could not be cured in the law, is cured in the grace of the gospel.   It is said to him, “Return to your own house” — not into the house that you think, the one from which he came out but into the house that was also the house of Abraham, since Abraham is the father of those who believe.”… St Jerome (343-420) Father & Doctor of the Church – Tractate on the Gospel of Mark, Homily 79.he is led out from the house of the jews - mark 8 25-26 20 feb 2019 st jerome.jpg

“Our lives are sometimes similar to that of the blind man who opened himself to the light, who opened himself to God, who opened himself to His grace.  Today, we are invited to open ourselves to the light of Christ in order to bear fruit in our lives, to eliminate unchristian behaviours;  we are all Christians but we all, everyone, sometimes has unchristian behaviours, behaviours that are sins.   We must repent of this, eliminate these behaviours in order to journey well along the way of holiness, which has its origin in baptism.   We, too, have been “enlightened” by Christ in baptism, so that, as St Paul reminds us, we may act as “children of light” (Eph 5:8), with humility, patience and mercy.
Let us ask ourselves about the state of our own heart?   Do I have an open heart or a closed heart?   It is opened or closed to God?   Open or closed to my neighbour?   We are always closed to some degree, which comes from original sin, from mistakes, from errors.   We need not be afraid!
Let us open ourselves, to the light of the Lord, He awaits us always in order to enable us to see better, to give us more light, to forgive us.   Let us not forget this!”…Pope Francis – Angelus, 30 March 2014

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, just as the little children, Francisco and Jacinta and Blessed Julia Rodzinska, were chosen to be bearers of Your message, grant we pray, that by their prayers on our behalf, we too may Your bearers of light.   Be with us, holy Mother, during our journey to the eternal glory of your Son, help us to become like little children and in that new purity, shine with His Light.   Through Jesus our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, amen.sts-francisco-jacinta-20-feb-2018.jpg

bl julia rodzinska pray for us 20 feb 2019 no 2.jpg