NOVENA TO CHRIST KING in preparation for the Liturgical Feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

in preparation for the Liturgical Feast
of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Written by Prince Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha, Archbishop of Krakow (Mentor and hero of St John Paul).

prince cardinal adam sapieha.jpgDay One
With God the Father

Antiphon to the Holy Spirit
Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

Luke 11:2

He said to them, “When you pray, say: Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come”.
“Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Man, born of the Holy Virgin, came to reveal the fatherhood of God to mankind.   He came to reveal the fatherhood that only he himself knows as the Son who is of one substance with the Father.   So he came to lead mankind into the eternal and Divine dimension of all fatherhood and parenthood in the world created by God.   Also, of all order and harmony, for which the family dimension is essential.
Does to reveal mean only to remind?   More than that, to reveal means to restore. Christ came torestore the Divine fatherhood to mankind, this great human family. Only He could accomplish the restoration in a complete way.   In order to restore the Divine fatherhood to people, Christ had to bring back the people to God as Father.   This was his vital mission…”….(John Paul II, Homily delivered during the Mass at Masłów Aero Club in Kielce, 3 June 1991)

God, Father of mankind, we thank You for making us Your adopted children in Christ and letting us know about this great honour.   You have revealed that being a child of God means essentially acting with truth and simplicity, without a touch of duplicity and egoism.   Jesus Christ, our King and Lord, let all people know the kindness of God, Father of all creation and His care of those who fear Him.   Let us worship and praise the name of our King so that we may be brought to the glory of eternal life, where You live and reign, world without end. Amen

Prayer to Jesus Christ King of the Universe
by Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha (1927)

O Jesus, Lord of our hearts and immortal King of centuries, we hereby solemnly swear to You to stand faithfully by Your throne and by You.    We swear never to blemish Your standard with unbelief, sectarianism or any other apostasy.   We vow to You to persevere in the holy Catholic faith until we die.
May our posterity engrave it on our tombstones that we were never embarrassed because of our faith in You, Jesus the King and Your Gospel.   May You reign in our hearts through grace.   May You reign in our families through family virtues.   May You reign in our schools through genuine Catholic upbringing.
May You reign in our society through justice and concord.   May You reign everywhere, always and forever. May Your standard be a guide for us all, may Your Kingdom extend to every corner of the earth!   Amen

Let us pray. Almighty God, the powerful King of all creation, we humbly beseech You to send the hosts of angels for our protection so that we may serve You with devotion, with no hindrance and in peace.   We beseech You through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amenday one novena christ the king - 17 nov 2017


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Quote/s of the Day – 17 November – Mercy/Charity/Love on the Memorial of St Elizabeth of Hungary – Apostle of Charity (1207-1231)

Quote/s of the Day – 17 November – Mercy/Charity/Love on the Memorial of St Elizabeth of Hungary – Apostle of Charity (1207-1231)

“It is better to err by excess of mercy
than by excess of severity. . .
Wilt thou become a Saint?
Be severe to thyself but kind to others.”

“Mercy imitates God and disappoints Satan.”

St John Chrysostom (347-407) Father & Doctor of the Churchmercy imitates god - st john chrysostom - 17 nov 2017

“Two works of mercy set a person free:
Forgive and you will be forgiven
and give and you will receive.”two works of mercy - st augustine - 17 nov 2017

” Love is itself the fulfillment of all our works.
There is the goal;
that is why we run:
we run toward it and once we reach it,
in it we shall find rest.

St Augustine (354-430) Father & Doctor of the Churchlove is itself - st augustine - 17 nov 2017

“Lord, I am in this world to show Your mercy to others…
For my part I will glorify You by making known
how good You are to sinners, that Your mercy is boundless.”

St Claude de la Colombiere S.J. (1641-1682)lord, i am in this world - st claude de la colombiere- 17 nov 2017

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Quote/s of the Day 2 November – The Solemnity of All Souls

Quote/s of the Day 2 November – The Solemnity of All Souls

St James the Apostle gives a method of avoiding or lessening our stay in Purgatory.
He says:  “He who saves a soul saves his own and satisfies for a multitude of sins.”  (James 1:20)james 1 20 - he who saves a soul saves his own - 2 nov 2017 

“Let us help and commemorate them.   If Job’s sons were purified by their father’s sacrifice (Job 1:5), why would we doubt that our offerings for the dead bring them some consolation?   Let us not hesitate to help those who have died and to offer our prayers for them”.

St John Chrysostom (347-407) Doctor of the Church – (Homilies on 1 Corinthians 41:5 [A.D. 392]let us help and commemorate them - st john chrysostum - 2 nov 2017

“But by the prayers of the Holy Church and by the salvific sacrifice and by the alms which are given for their spirits, there is no doubt that the dead are aided, that the Lord might deal more mercifully with them than their sins would deserve.            The whole Church observes this practice which was handed down by the Fathers: that it prays for those who have died in the communion of the Body and Blood of Christ, when they are commemorated in their own place in the sacrifice itself;   and the sacrifice is offered also in memory of them, on their behalf.    If, then, works of mercy are celebrated for the sake of those who are being remembered, who would hesitate to recommend them, on whose behalf prayers to God are not offered in vain?   It is not at all to be doubted that such prayers are of profit to the dead;   but for such of them as lived before their death in a way that makes it possible for these things to be useful to them after death”.

St Augustine (354-430) Doctor of the Church (The City of God 21:13 [A.D. 419]the whole church - st augustine - 2 nov 2017

“I would go so far as to say that if there was not purgatory, then we would have to invent it, for who would dare say of himself that he was able to stand directly before God.    And yet we don’t want to be, to use an image from scripture, ‘a pot that turned out wrong’, that has to be thrown away;   we want to be able to be put right.   Purgatory basically means that God can put the pieces back together again. That He can cleanse us in such a way that we are able to be with Him and can stand there in the fullness of life.   Purgatory strips off from one person what is unbearable and from another the inability to bear certain things, so that in each of them a pure heart is revealed and we can see that we all belong together in one enormous symphony of being.”

Pope Benedict XVIi would go so far as to say - pope benedict XVI - 2 nov 2017

“If today we are remembering
these brothers and sisters of
ours who lived before us and are
now in heaven, they are there
because they were washed in the
Blood of Christ, that is our hope
and this hope does not disappoint.
If we live our lives with the Lord,
he will never disappoint us.”

Pope Francisif today we are remembering - pope francis


Quote/s of the Day on Confession – 25 October

Quote/s of the Day on Confession – 25 October

“The confession of evil works, 
is the first beginning of good works.
You do the truth
and come to the light.”

St Augustine (354-430) Doctor & Father of the Churchthe confession of evil - st augustine - 25 oct 2017

“A man is repaired in an instant by Divine grace.”

“One who has confessed and received absolution,
will be less punished in Purgatory than one
who has gone no further than contrition.”

St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Doctor of the Churcha man is repaired - st thomas aquinas - 25 oct 2017

“Are you scorched, are you burnt to the very core,
by the heat of concupiscence? Even so, poor sufferers!
You must not lose courage; there is a cool fountain
ready to refresh you and heal all your wounds;
not indeed the first font, which gave you the life you have lost;
but the second Baptism, the divine Sacrament of Penance,
which can restore you to grace and purity!”

Prosper Louis Pascal Guéranger O.S.B. (1805-1875)are you scorched - abbot gueranger - 25 oct 2017

“Confession is stronger than an exorcism!”

Fr Gabriele Amorth, SSP (1925-2016) – Chief Exorcist/Romeconfession is stronger - fr armorth - 25 oct 2017


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Saint of the Day – 21 October – St Hilarion of Gaza (c 291-371)

Saint of the Day – 21 October – St Hilarion of Gaza (c 291-371) Hermit and Miracle-Worker.

St Hilarion spent most of his life in the desert according to the example of Anthony the Great.

Shortly after St Hilarion’s death, St Jerome wrote about the life of this hermit who had introduced monasticism into Palestine.   Jerome told of Hilarion’s lifelong pursuit of solitude, where he could encounter God in prayer.

Hilarion was born in Thabatha, south of Gaza in Syria Palaestina of pagan parents. He successfully studied rhetoric with a Grammarian in Alexandria.   It seems that he was converted to Christianity in Alexandria.   After that, he shunned the pleasures of his day—theatre, circus and arena—and spent his time attending church.   According to St Jerome, he was a thin and delicate youth of fragile health.

After hearing of Saint Anthony, whose name (according to St.erome), “was in the mouth of all the races of Egypt” Hilarion, at the age of fifteen, went to live with him in the desert for two months.   As Anthony’s hermitage was busy with visitors seeking cures for diseases or demonic affliction, Hilarion returned home along with some monks.   At Thabatha, his parents having died in the meantime, he gave his inheritance to his brothers and the poor and left for the wilderness.Hilarion_the_Great_(Menologion_of_Basil_II)

St Jerome wrote about the divine irony of the fame that denied it to him because his miracles attracted so many people. In this brief excerpt, Jerome describes Hilarion’s faith and a typical miracle:

Once . . . when he was eighteen years old, brigands tried to find him at night.   Either they believed that he had something to steal or they thought he would scorn them if they didn’t intimidate him. . . . From evening till dawn, they hunted in every direction but couldn’t find him.   In the broad daylight, however, they came upon him and apparently as a joke asked him:  “What would you do if robbers attacked you?”   He answered:   “A naked person does not fear robbers.”   “You could be killed.”   “I could,” he said.   “But I am not afraid of robbers because I am ready to die.”   Admiring his faith, they confessed their folly of the night before and their blindness and promised to reform their lives…

A woman of Eleutheropolis, despised by her husband of fifteen years because of her sterility, . . . was the first who dared to intrude upon blessed Hilarion’s solitude.   While he was still unaware of her approach, she suddenly threw herself at his knees saying:  “Forgive my boldness. . . ., he asked her why she had come and why she was weeping.   When he learned the cause of her grief, raising his eyes to heaven, he commanded her to have faith and to believe.   He followed her departure with tears.   When a year had gone by, he saw her with her son.

Like Anthony, Hilarion took only a little food once a day at sunset.   When tempted sexually, he ate even less.  “I’ll see to it, you jackass,” he said, “that you shall not kick.”  He never bathed nor changed his tunic until it wore out.   He said, “It is idle to expect cleanliness in a hair shirt.”   Jerome relates that even though Hilarion suffered extreme dryness of spirit, he persevered in prayer and cured many people of sickness and demon possession.   The parade of petitioners and would-be disciples drove Hilarion to retire to more remote locations.   But they followed him everywhere.   First he visited Anthony’s retreat in Egypt.   Then he withdrew to Sicily, later to Dalmatia and finally to Cyprus. He died there in 371.hilarion monastery

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Quote/s of the Day – 17 October – The Memorial of St Ignatius of Antioch (c35-c108) Father of the Church

Quote/s of the Day – 17 October – The Memorial of St Ignatius of Antioch (c35-c108) Father of the Church

“Do not have Jesus Christ on your lips
and the world in your heart.”

“We recognise a tree by its fruit
and we ought to be able to recognise
a Christian by his action.
The fruit of faith should be evident in our lives,
for being a Christian is more than making
sound professions of faith.
It should reveal itself in practical and visible ways.
Indeed it is better to keep quiet about our beliefs
and live them out,
than to talk eloquently about what we believe
but fail to live by it.”

“It is not that I want merely
to be called a Christian
but to actually BE ONE.
Yes, If I prove to be one,
then I can have the name!”

“Wherever the bishop shall appear,
there let the multitude also be;
even as, wherever Jesus Christ is,
there is the Catholic Church.”do not have - st ignatius of antioch - 17 oct 2017

“He who died in place of us,
is the one object of my quest.
He who rose for our sakes
is my one desire.”

“My dear Jesus, my Saviour,
is so deeply written in my heart,
that I feel confident,
that if my heart were to be cut open
and chopped to pieces,
the name of Jesus would be found
written on every piece.”

he who died - st ignatius of antioch 17 oct 2017

“Christianity is greatest when it is hated by the world.”CHRISITIANITY IS GREATEST - 17 OCT 2017

St Ignatius of Antioch (c35-c108) Father of the Church

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One Minute Reflection – 17 October – The Memorial of St Ignatius of Antioch (c35-c108) Father of the Church

One Minute Reflection – 17 October – The Memorial of St Ignatius of Antioch (c35-c108) Father of the Church

Live according to what you have learned and accepted…. Philippians 4:9Philippians 4-9

REFLECTION – “Christianity is not a matter of persuading people of particular ideas but of inviting them to share in the greatness of Christ. So pray that I may never fall into the trap of impressing people with clever speech but instead I may learn to speak with humility, desiring only to impress people with Christ Himself.”…St Ignatius of Antiochchristianity is not a matter - st ignatius of antioch - 17 oct 2017

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, grant that I may believe what I have learned, never presuming to know better than the teachings of Holy Mother Church and that I may put into practice what I believe. Let my commitment be like unto the Martyr, St Ignatius of Antioch, who went with joy to his horrific death, for the faith in Christ, Your Son, one God with You and the Holy Spirit. St Ignatius, pray for us, ignatius of antioch pray for us - 17 oct 2017