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Thought for the Day – 16 June

Thought for the Day – 16 June

“How consoling it is to think that in the very moment of the Eucharist’s eternal birth I was present to the mind of God and He foreknew the number of times I would allow Him to come to me in Holy Communion;   that, even then, His tender love thankfully appreciated my hospitality, as if not I, a miserable creature of one day but He Himself were to be the favoured beneficiary.

“It was in the beginning . . . ” What, then, will be the duration of His “eucharistic life”?

Christ’s eucharistic life will last till the consummation of the world because until then will men have to eat His flesh to have life everlasting.   When He said to His Apostles: “Behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of the world,” He doubtlessly meant not only His divine and spiritual presence and His moral assistance but also His eucharistic presence.

His enemies may refuse Him rights they would not deny even the lowest pariah, imprisoning Him within the narrow limits of His temples;   they may subject Him to the most abominable outrages, thereby making His mystic passion in the Eucharist in some way exterior and visible.   Those who call themselves His friends may multiply the traitor’s kiss, deny Him and His works and abandon Him who showered upon them the tokens of His love.   But Jesus will stay.   His promise and His love keep Him enchained.   As long as there will be on earth a tear to wipe away, a sorrow to share and a sinful man in need of His expiatory sacrifice, the Eucharist will continue to pulsate in the silence of our tabernacles.”

“The Holy Eucharist” by Fr Jose Guadalupe Trevino

but jesus will stay - fr jose guadalupe trevino - the holy eucharist



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